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Other News:

Wednesdays are 50+ fencing. Get off the sofa and on the fencing strip.  No strip fee
for those who are 50 and older.  

Epee' classes likely to start on Thursdays in September.  We will keep you posted.
News and Reviews for Fencing Star Academy

   Congratulations to Anthony Martin who renewed his B rating, and qualified for the Junior Olympics.
  Congratulations to Assistant Coach Jay Parcelewicz for getting his 2018 at the Big Chicken Open.

Maisetro Ortega has been hired to run Epic Fencing club's epee program!  This means interested epee fencers now have twice the opportunities to train.   Maiestro Ortega will be giving lessons at Epic on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  For inquiries please contact Epic Fencing club.

  We are proud to announce a Wednesday practice! All, including beginners are welcome to attend!

     Fencing Star Academy is searching for an assistant coach for inquiries please contact Jon Martin or Coach Ortega. Their respective numbers can be found on the front page.